And Now for My Boy Crushes...


Timberlake performing at St. Paul, Minnesota, ... Last week, I showed the ladies some love with my "My Top 10 Girl Crushes." Now, it's time for me to recognize my favorite fellas. Unlike girl crushes, which are based on genuine admiration, boy crushes are about two things: physical appearance and personality. I'm not being shallow, just being honest.

Perennial Favorites

Justin Timberlake: JT will always and forever be my #1 celebrity crush. I first fell in love with his blond curls and blue eyes back in my middle school days and I've been a fan ever since. He can sing, dance and make me laugh. Oh, and he looks really, really good in a suit and glasses! ;)

Drake: Okay, so he may not be the toughest rapper out there (my boyfriend not-so-nicely nicknamed him Canadian Bacon), but I'm not exactly gangster myself. I appreciate that I could take him home to meet my family and we can still go out and have a good time. And I actually like his sing-songy pop/rap style. Plus he's tall, dark and handsome (well, at least two out of the three), what's not to love?

Channing Tatum: Two words: "Magic Mike." Even though his stripper movie hasn't come out yet, you can bet I'll be first in line to see it. No, Channing's not necessarily the most talented actor around, but when you look that good and you have moves like Jagger, who cares?!

The Silver Fox Club

Barack Obama: Seriously, when's the last time there was a president so stylish, so charismatic, so GQ?

Anthony Bourdain: There's just something about this Travel Channel host that I find appealing...a certain je nes sais quoi. I could sit and listen to him talk about food and traveling all day. He's so worldly, so intellectual.

Anderson Cooper: Okay, so I may not exactly be his "type," but that can't stop me from daydreaming about having beautiful biracial journalist babies with this CNN correspondent.

Football Favorites

Tim Tebow: He's hot and he loves Jesus. Does it get any better than that?!

Mark Sanchez: Yes, I'm one of those girls who buys GQ because of the hot guys on the cover. And September 2011 was no exception.

New Kid on the Block

Big Sean: I have no reason for this one other than I must've developed a penchant for skinny Black guys later in life. ;)