Falling Off the Fitness Wagon


This time last year, I was in arguably the best shape of my life. I was preparing to perform in my first ever (and so far, only) pole competition. Needless to say, I was putting in WERK! "Exotic" fitness has always been one of my favorite workouts. I love Zumba as much as the next girl, but there's just something about getting in touch with your sensuality during a floor/chair class and building your strength in a pole class. Let me tell you, it takes major muscle to throw your body weight around like that!

And the girlfriends I made while I was taking class back home? Priceless.

So...what happened?

I moved to Chicago...and more or less fell off the fitness bandwagon. I started off strong. I'd researched a similar dance studio here and took a few classes every now and then and again.

And then winter, I'm sorry, the friggin' polar vortex happened...and I went into serious hibernation mode.

I thought I could get by with free YouTube workout videos. In fact, I'd signed up for a 30-day yoga challenge...I made it to day 15. #YogaFail Clearly, the free workouts weren't for me. If I don't do it, there are no "real" consequences...it's not like I'm losing money! But I was definitely gaining pounds (about four or five, to be exact).

Well, with the (somewhat) break in the weather, I decided it's time to finally get my butt in gear. I've got a vacation coming up in July (can't look like a beach whale in Hawaii!) and, oh yeah, I'm getting married in November...AHHH! I don't want to return to Kleinfeld for my fitting and find out they have to let my dress out to accommodate my winter weight.

So, I did it. I signed up for an actual membership. The sticker shock ($100/month) made me pause for a second...but my health, happiness and confidence are more than worth it. Besides, each class is $25, so if I go at least four or five times, it's totally worth it!

Besides....excuses don't burn calories. Here's to staying fit and fabulous! :)

(Photo by CreateHERstock.com)