Missed Connections: Cute or Creepy?

That is the question. When used properly, I think Missed Connections can be a somewhat romantic, if not unconventional, tool for finding love in a hopeless place. My boyfriend, however, thinks they're "100-percent Creepy McCreeperstein." Read our comments below and tell us what you think: He said:

"I've seen you on the Red Line, getting on at the Grand Street stop. You're always wearing a brown leather jacket; hair perfectly styled into a long braided ponytail. Ear buds in ear, rocking out to your iPod...I'm wondering...what are you listening to? Was it Drake? Justin Timberlake maybe? I've watched you bob your head to the beat, and at the same time tried to figure out a way to walk up and introduce myself. You exited the train before I got a chance to say "Hello."

Romantic, you say? Well yea...until you realize that the person who penned that Craiglist ad was the same dude who creepily ogles at you on the train for four stops. In that short trip, he sized you up and stared you down (probably pictured you naked...twice...). He watched you...WATCHED you as you went about your morning commute, completely oblivious to his glassy-eyed gaze.
You know who also watches you on the train? A wannabe thief, who's sizing up his next pickpocket victim. Or that sleazy guy at the bar who's been watching you and your girls get down to Nicki Minaj all night. Who knows what perverted and creepy thoughts that guy may have after he's created that mental photo of you. Quick...describe the person who last sat next to you on the train. How about that person who stood in front of you at the check out line at Target this afternoon? I'll wait...
See, my philosophy is simple. If I can spend that much time creating a mental fantasy of what my future "love at first sight" dame may be...then I should have no problem drumming up the cojones to introduce myself. I mean...romance can only happen if you actually meet, right?
She said:
Maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me but, I find the idea of the "Missed Connection" section on Craigslist kind of cute and endearing, in a way. You know, the ones that are actually well written, evoke some sense of charm and incorporate a dash of creativity. That's not asking for a lot, right?

Perhaps you have a train crush that you see every day, but you haven't quite mustered up the courage to say hello. Or maybe you had a brief interaction with someone on a plane and you forgot to swap digits (p.s., there's a site for that) before you went your separate ways.

As long as your intentions are genuine and you're not a secret serial killer, I don't see anything wrong with a quest for online love. Granted, there are some creepers out there...but creepers are lurking everywhere! The bus stop, Wal-Mart...they could even be as close as the next cubicle. Gasp! And hopefully, these wannabe modern-day Romeos put forth a little but more effort than: "We met today!! You are very sexy!! Lets meet for a drink. I bought a Ravens glass." (Seriously?!) Obviously, you have to do a little better than that...like a lot.

And for funsies, you can check out this "Saddest Map in America," which depicts where people are (almost) finding love in this great country of ours. For Marylanders, such as myself, the park is the place to be, while Chicagoans, like my boyfriend, are checking each other out on the CTA. Surprisingly, many Americans are pining away over new lost love at Wal-Mart. Who knew?