The Newlywed Chronicles–So...How Does It Feel to be Married?

Triple B has a treat for you! is launching a brand new “column” called, The Newlywed Chronicles! That’s right…And last week’s Tie the Knot Tuesday bride L’Oreal Thompson Payton will be kicking off this exciting monthly feature. Read up and be sure to show her some love in the comments. (All feedback — good, bad or indifferent is welcomed as long as it is respectful.) Enjoy!

When I woke up the morning after saying “I do,” I expected to feel different. I expected to automatically feel married.

After all, my husband and I had just professed our undying love for each other in front of about 135 of our closest family members and friends. We took a ton of pretty pictures and danced the night away, but, alas, nothing had really changed … or had it? It’s kind of like waking up the morning of your birthday … you feel pretty much the same as you did the day before, yet everyone keeps asking you: “Sooo, how does it feel?” Spoiler alert: Being married feels pretty much the same as being engaged. You know you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this one person.

There’s no grand awakening or “aha!” moment as Oprah would say…at least, there wasn’t for me. I’m still waiting to feel married, but maybe it takes some time? I mean, we’ve only married for four months now, so maybe I’m just being a bit impatient. Maybe it takes a few months or even years to really sink in? Perhaps it won’t hit me until we have kids? Or some other life-altering event takes place? For a while, I thought taking my husband’s last name would make our marriage “feel more real.”

But, alas, being Mrs. Payton feels about the same as being Ms. Thompson (although sometimes I forget to answer to my new name and/or I accidentally refer to myself by my maiden name … oops!).

There’s a reason chick flicks end with the couple getting married and living “happily ever after” – because the everyday monotony of married life doesn’t make for a Hollywood blockbuster.

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