There's No Shame in a 9-to-5


In a world saturated by full-time bloggers, branding coaches and “infopreneurs,” it’s easy to think you’re doing something wrong if you’re not working tirelessly to become your own boss. And while I’m not knocking the hustle, there’s also nothing wrong with being perfectly content with clocking in and out of a regular day job.

Hear me out…

A couple of months ago, I co-hosted a blab video hangout with Mira Joleigh of #Ambitionista. During our convo, I mentioned I was more than happy keeping my #SideHustle as a blogger and freelance writer just that… on the side.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, I have daydreams about becoming a famous blogger, paying my bills with speaking engagements and having endorsements/free products/all-expense-paid trips fall into my lap. I mean, everyone makes it looks so easy. But it’s not, which is why those aspirations will remain fleeting fantasies for now.

I get it.

Once upon a time, there weren’t many options for getting paid besides traditional office gigs. Nowadays, there’s a plethora of opportunities, which is awesome. Chicago alone is home to more Black women entrepreneurs than I can count and that’s great. But it’s not for me. I could blame my Type A personality, but the truth is I crave the stability and security that comes with a biweekly paycheck and benefits.

Knowing that direct deposit will hit my checking account every two weeks gives me the financial freedom to pursue my passion projects without fear of failure.

If no one subscribes to my blog, I’m still going to be able to pay my rent, which makes blogging and freelance writing more fun for me because there’s no pressure to get 1,000 views, a million click-throughs and a billion followers. It’s just me, doing what I love for the fun of it.

If quitting your day job and adding CEO of your own company is on your to-do list, more power to you. And for people such as myself who would rather file expense reports than start their own business, power to you, too.

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