Top 10 Reasons I Love Fall


With the unofficial end of summer officially behind us, now it's time for my favorite time of the year–fall. Below are my top 10 reasons why...

1. My birthday: This year I turn the big 2-5. And since my birthday is two days before reason #2, it's always a good time!

2. Halloween: Undoubtedly my favorite holiday of the year. When else do I get to be whoever I want to be? This year, "there's no place like home..."

3. Pumpkin-flavored everything: Cupcakes. Lattes. Waffles. You name it, I'll eat it. Unless it's pumpkin pie (can't get down with that for some reason). Bath & Body Works even has a pumpkin-flavored lip gloss, yes!

4. Pies: Speaking of pie, fall is the best time of the year for apple pie and sweet potato pie. Yummm!

5. Picking pumpkins and apples: Growing up in Harford County, I've never been too far from a pick-your-own farm. My favorite is Lohr's Orchard in Churchville, where I've been picking pumpkins and apples for more than 20 years.

6. Apple cider: Hot or cold, I love this seasonal beverage. Lohr's Orchard for the win again. This family-owned and operated farm has the best apple cider. But I could be bias.

7. Sweaters, boots and jeans: Seriously, is there a more stylish or comfortable combination than this?...I didn't think so.

8. Leaves: Red. Orange. Yellow. I love nature's beautiful collage. And the crunchier the better!

9. Thanksgiving: My second favorite holiday of the year. When else do you get to hang with family, eat good food and watch...

10. Football: Ladies and gentlemen, football season is back! I can't wait to show off my purple pride...LET'S GO RAVENS!!!