Getting Mindful with Shine Text's New App

Shine - Central Park.jpeg

If you follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter, then you know how obsessed I am with Shine Text. I first discovered the free, daily motivational messaging community like I do most things ... on Twitter.

Someone I followed had tweeted an article from Shine that touched on exactly how I was feeling in that moment. Immediately I subscribed and I've been enjoying that sunshine in my pocket ever since.

Seriously, my morning routine goes a little something like this: pray, meditate, Shine. It's like #MotivationMonday every weekday and who doesn't love to start their morning on a positive note?

So imagine how I felt when I learned that the creators, Naomi and Marah (whom I've interviewed for HelloGiggles), said they were releasing an app version of Shine. Admittedly, I'm usually hesitant to change, but the new Shine iOS app is worth it!

First, the layout mimics the text-messaging style that fans of Shine have come to know and love. But now it's even more interactive with a new audio feature called Mindful Moments. As someone who already practices meditation, I was tempted to skip this part, but then I listened to Sinclair Ceasar's productivity track and it got my ENTIRE life together.

Lately I've been letting go of what doesn't serve me and his post about guarding your "yes" so that you can become more productive definitely hit home for me. As I enter 2018, I'm preparing to get rid of excess so that I can become more intentional and focus on my goals for the year.

And I strongly believe that Shine's user-friendly, real-life version of self-care will help me get there.