3 Expert Tips to Discovering Your Superpower (and Yes, You Have One)


Between logging long hours at the office and honing your side hustle, there’s no doubt you’re a #GirlBoss. But what’s your real superpower? Saya Hillman, founder of Mac & Cheese Productions in Chicago, has been helping people find their superpowers since 2004. With her community events, she shows that all it takes is a little courage and creativity to tap into your very own.

Saya’s journey started after she was fired from her full-time job at a nonprofit. She admits it was difficult at first, but eventually saw the silver lining: “Looking back, I truly believe 100 percent that it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I knew I didn’t want a boss again, so I sat down and made a list of all the things I wish I could do and get paid for – play board games, sit on my sofa and meet 20 new people. More than 10 years later, I’ve found a way to make a living doing all those things.” Shortly after Saya got fired from her job at a nonprofit, she started Mac & Cheese Productions and began hosting her own events, such as workshops, idea potlucks and her signature Fear Experiments, which push people to step out of their comfort zone, learn a new skill and perform it in front of hundreds of people.

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