5 Expert Tricks for Staying Relaxed on Your Wedding Day


There’s no denying that weddings can bring out the best in people (QT with your favorite ladies) and the worst in people (melodramatic family members, anyone?). You may have already increased your yoga classes in order to deal with stress related to wedding planning, but what about indulging in some downward dog on your big day? We chatted with Octavia Raheem, founder of CHILLshop®yoga in Atlanta, about why getting your namaste on pre-nuptials is good for both your body and mind.

Octavia knows that wedding days aren’t always the most relaxing, especially for the bridal party. “Weddings often stir up a lot of emotion, and all of this can have a profound effect on our bodies,” Octavia explains. She believes that “Yoga makes for a powerful pre-wedding day addition because it can positively impact our bodies, minds, nervous systems, heart and emotions at the same time.”

The main goal of your pre-wedding ritual should be to enjoy the time spent with your closest friends and savor each moment. Octavia believes yoga is perfect for this because “A session provides an opportunity for the wedding party to take a time out, deep breathe and connect to what is essential and real about the day.” And getting that relaxation in pre-party is great for what’s to come. “It also helps to rest and wind down before everything gets really ‘turnt up!’ (in the best way possible of course),” says Octavia.

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