A Letter for Pop-Pop


As some of you may know, my grandfather, also known as Pop-Pop, recently passed away. I wrote this letter for him and read it during the funeral...

Dear Pop-Pop,

Thank you for all of the memories, for all of your advice, for your encouragement and for your support throughout the years. Thank you, especially for sharing your stories and wisdom.

Because of you, we know red light cameras aren't for our safety, they're for the money. We know mountain goats eat the paper off the cans, even if we never established where the cans come from in the first place. We know how to dance the Charleston...with a chair. We even know how to flip a fork off a table. And, because of you, we know how to effectively get rid of mice. Correction: April knows how to get rid of mice. I was grossed out and ran back inside the house to watch "The Price is Right" and soap operas with Nanny.

Thank you for getting us out of trouble when we were younger. You were our protector and April's partner in crime. As long as we were with you, nothing could hurt us. Thank you, also, for teaching us the value of a dollar. A buck for helping you back in the day was a big deal.

Thank you for taking us to Whitey's and letting us pick out the ice cream of our choice. Thank you for our summer trips to the zoo, coming with us to the circus and for our lunch dates at Friendly's...even if you "accidentally" ate my sundae on numerous occasions. It's okay, I forgive you.

Thank you for buying our first car: a lime green 2003 New Volkswagen Beetle affectionately known as Lima Bean, or, as you called her, Butter Bean. And thank you for stopping the traffic at Wal-Mart so that I could back out of that parking space.

Thank you for attending every graduation, every birthday party and every other special event in our lives. We will continue to make you and Nanny proud of us. Most importantly, we would like to thank you for always being there for us no matter what. Thank you, simply, for everything.

You are the best grandfather two girls could ever ask for and we will keep you in our hearts forever and always. We love you, Pop-Pop, and we will always be your little girls.

L'Oreal and April