Five Reasons to Try Meditation

Try to follow this instruction: Sit still and breathe. It’s not rocket science, but it can be challenging.

In a world full of distractions (i.e., smartphones, social media and selfies), it has become increasingly harder to simply do nothing. This is where meditation comes in.

Faith Hunter, creator of Spiritually Fly –”a philosophy that celebrates every moment of life,” started meditating in the early ‘90s as a way to cope with her brother’s illness.

“So many of us in the African-American community were impacted by HIV/AIDS. My family was not exempt from that,” she says. “My older brother was dying of complications related to AIDS and my friend said, I think yoga could be really good for you. We did seated meditation at the beginning and the end. And it was absolutely amazing.”

Unlike yoga, which incorporates various movements and poses, meditation focuses on “mindful breathing.”

“You can meditate while you’re moving, sitting, or walking…there are so many different forms,” says Hunter. “Focus on your breath going in or out. Select a word or phrase to repeat and allow it to resonate. Focusing on those things will alleviate other thoughts from distracting you.”

Read on to find out meditation can improve your life and your health.

1. Reduce stress and anxiety

“We spend significant time overworking ourselves with everything from family to work to friends and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to be the best. We’re bombarded by so many external factors that our level of stress is so much higher than our grandparents. Meditation is time to pause and it immediately impacts your body physically and our central nervous system.”

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