Girl Crushes 2.0


Meet my new girl crush: Pink. (Photo credit: Cover Girl) It's been about a year since I posted my list of top 10 girl crushes. And while there are my all-time faves (ahem, Queen Bey and Mrs. O), I've decided to add a few to the list:

Charreah Jackson: The relationships editor for Essence gave me my big break into freelance writing as a contributor to Heart & Soul...without which I probably wouldn't have landed a pretty sweet gig writing for JET (shout-out to Kyra Kyles, by the way, for taking a chance on an unknown girl). Charreah is a ray of sunshine and truly inspirational. I can't wait to see what she does next!

Janelle Harris: When I read Janelle's post about Beyonce's controversial song "Bow Down," I fell in like. She took the words right out of my head and posted them for all the world to see. I love her conversational style of writing–it's like I'm sitting right next to one of my close girlfriends in the hair/nail salon.

Kathleen Hertel: Thanks to my job as a wedding reporter for the local newspaper, I've met my fair share of wedding coordinators, photographers, florists, etc. Kathleen's work–no, her art–never ceases to amaze me. I'm more of a fan of photojournalism than the cheesy posed pictures you see plastered all over your grandma's wall. Kathleen does a great job of capturing the couples' personality and I love that.

Pink: I rocked out to a few of her tunes back when her hair was actually, you know, pink. R&B Pink was my fave for a while and I kind of lost interest when she got all punk rock on us. But I recently went to a Pink concert with my sister, who adores her, and I fell in love with her as well. This girl knows how to put on a show! And how can you not love "Just a Reason" with Nate Reuss. Pink has really come into her own and I admire how she keeps it real.

My magazine editors: I believe in surrounding myself with intelligent, positive women and these ladies are fabulous! Not only are the encouraging, but they're extremely supportive as well–both professionally and personally. Best believe I'm taking notes so that I can be an awesome editor one day!

Kate White: I read her book "I Shouldn't Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know" and it became my bible. White, the former editor of Cosmo, dished out great advice that's helpful whether you aspire to become a magazine editor (like me!), or you're just a young female professional. I think everyone can learn a lesson or two from this book.