#TeamNatural...or Nah?

You know how some people get food envy? Well, I get hair envy (and the former, but that’s another story). When I see a naturalista with a beautiful crown of curls, I get jealous. And I think, for a hot nanosecond, about going natural.

After seeing a former coworker’s ringlets at a recent event, I seriously considered weaning myself off the “creamy crack.” So much so that I went out that weekend and bought flexi rods to achieve a pseudo-natural twist-out look (spoiler alert: it did not work). After all, I’d already gone without a relaxer for three months at that point, so how hard could it be?

I immediately went into research mode and uncovered all I could about going natural: from the pros and cons to the Big Chop to patiently growing out my relaxer with the use of protective styles. I pestered my natural friends with the hair version of Twenty Questions and I watched every YouTube video I could find on Bantu knots.

You could say I was obsessed. But I quickly grew frustrated with my bi-textural state. It’s just. So. Thick!!!

I was on the verge of frustration tears while trying to tame my mane when I had an epiphany: I’m extremely lazy when it comes to hair maintenance. Call it boring, but I typically wear my hair in a wrap style. And if I’m having a particularly bad hair day? In a ponytail it goes!

I moan and groan about the average hour and a half it takes to shampoo, condition, dry and flat iron my hair (just ask my husband). So I can’t imagine dedicating an ENTIRE day to detangling, twisting or anything of the like.

I’ve been getting relaxers since I was in middle school and it’s just easier for me to maintain my hair this way. It doesn’t mean I hate myself or the hair God gave me. It just means this is how I prefer to wear it…simple as that.

My hair is not a political statement nor is it a “submission” to standards of mainstream (aka White) beauty.

There are two things every woman is entitled to (among countless others): her opinion and her hair.

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