The Single Girl's Valentine's Day Playlist

If you've read my "25 Things to Do Before Turning 25" post, then you already know I love lists. What you might not know is that I love playlists. Yep, the 21st-century's version of a mix tape. You can ask my friends and family, I love to create personalized playlists for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. And Valentine's Day is no exception. Last year, I made a playlist for my girlfriends in honor of Singles' Awareness Day...I mean, Valentine's Day. But you don't have to be single (or a girl) to enjoy it. So rock out, my friends, and spread some love.

1. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" by Beyonce. If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it. Word.

2. "Wannabe" by Spice Girls. If you want to be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. As simple as that.

3. "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. I want your love and I want your revenge, you and me could write a bad romance. What more convincing could he possibly need?

4. "Only Girl (In the World" by Rihanna. I firmly believe that the right guy will be able to make you feel like the only girl in the world. Truth.

5. "Boys (Remix)" by Britney Spears. B said it best, "can't live with them, can't live without them."

6. "Sexy Chick" by David Guetta featuring Akon. Damn, you's a sexy chick. Why, thank you, Akon, I know.

7. "Don't Cha" by Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes. I'm not one for wrecking homes, but...don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

8. "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. Don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful. Less hate, more love, ladies.

9. "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. Before Adele came along, Kelly was queen of breakup songs.

10. "Express Yourself" by Madonna. Come on girls, do you believe in love? Because Madonna has something to say about it.

11. "Independent Women Part I" by Destiny's Child. All my independent women, throw your hands up at me!

12. "A Woman's Worth" by Alicia Keys. It takes a real man to recognize a real woman's worth and vice versa. Don't settle ladies.

13. "Someone to Call My Lover" by Janet Jackson. Maybe we'll meet at a bar? He'll drive a fancy car. Maybe we'll meet at the club and fall so deeply in love. The possibilities are endless!

14. "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey. Take me up, take me down, take me anywhere you want to baby now.

15. "Girlfriend (The Neptunes Remix)" by *NSYNC featuring Nelly. If Justin Timberlake asked me to be his girlfriend, I would definitely say yes. But more importantly, guys should ask not assume. Chivalry is not dead, gentlemen.

16. "My Love" by Justin Timberlake featuring T.I. Please see above.

17. "Nothin' On You" by B.o.B. featuring Bruno Mars. Again, every girl wants to feel special.

18. "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. Sigh.