'Tis the Season to be Thankful...


A couple of weeks ago, I was being a bit of a "Grumpy Goose" before my birthday. My boyfriend, in an effort to coax me out of my surly mood, had me create a list of 25 things I'm grateful for...one for every year I've been alive. In return, he promised me a surprise when he came to visit later that weekend. Below is my list. I hope that it will inspire you to take inventory of all the people and things you're grateful for in your life. 'Tis the season to be thankful!* 1. My family: My everything. I'd be nothing without them, especially my parents and my little sister. She's my best friend, the "pig to my goat." The best thing that's ever happened to me. ;)

2. My friends, especially the "Dream Team": My sisters. I'd be lost without them. We've been through a lot and I know that I can always count on them to be there when I need them.

3. You!: I love you so much more than you'll ever know. Thank you for being the logical one, the "yin to my yang." You make me so happy!! :)

4. My grandparents: My guardian angels. Even though they aren't physically with me anymore, they've had a significant impact on my life and they will always be with me in spirit. I'm grateful for the time I had with them and I know they're watching over me now. :)

5. Sunrises and sunsets: Because they're beautiful.

6. Fall leaves: Especially the crunchy ones, they're the best!

7. Cupcakes: But you already knew this...what's not to love?

8. My curves: I didn't always love them, but now I can't imagine living without them.

9. Bunnies: Because they're so friggin' cute! My pet bunny, Playful, was my best friend.

10. Koalas: Because they're cute and fluffy! Plus, they sleep and eat all day...my kind of animal.

11. Sea turtles: There's just something about sea turtles I love. They just seem so wise and cool!

12. My health: I'm really grateful for this, since I don't exactly have the best family history!

13. My talent for writing and love for dancing: I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. It's the best way I know to express myself. And in the infamous words of Dane Cook, "screw guys. I just wanna dance!!" ;)

14. Xpose Fitness: I haven't always been so confident in and comfortable with my body, so I really have Xpose Fitness to thank for bringing out my "inner diva." I've discovered a strength and sexiness I never knew I had!

15. Libraries: I could spend all day in a library. Same goes for a bookstore. I love being surrounded by books/knowledge. Yes, I'm a nerd.

16. Lamb Lamb: My bedtime companion since I was a wee little baby. I love Lamb Lamb so much!

17. My cars (Lima Bean and Madame Blueberry): VW Beetles are the cutest cars ever and I'm very grateful my Pop-Pop bought me my first one...even if I had to share with my little sister, who couldn't even drive at the time.

18. Macaroni and cheese and warm apple pie with whipped cream: It tastes like a hug (if hugs had a taste).

19. Little kids: My sister and I have been volunteering in our church's nursery for quite some time and I never get tired of playing with little kids. They're so full of life and so innocent...for now!

20. My glasses: They're a huge part of me and my personality.

21. My faith: By no means am I the most religious person, but I am grateful that God has blessed me and watches over me every day.

22. That I'm a Scorpio: Because it's the best zodiac sign. Obvi.

23. My job: I essentially get paid to do what I love, which is pretty awesome when you think about it!

24. That I went to Loyola: Without which, I never would've met my girls. And ergo, I wouldn't have met you. :) (or studied abroad in Spain and Italy and interned at a teen magazine and done a lot of other awesome things, too).

25. My life: All of it. The good times and the bad times because everything has led me to where I am now. And for that, I couldn't be more grateful.

*In case you were wondering, my "surprise" was my birthday gift...a very lovely Michael Kors watch! ;)

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