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What People Are Saying

LT in the City Weekly is one of my favorite newsletters, period. By the middle of my work week, I want something that's easy to read, full of great information, and generally uplifting and motivational, and L'Oreal's newsletter does all of this in spades. I click on pretty much every article she includes each week, and I can't tell you how many friends I've forwarded the newsletter's job listings to. Whether you're new to the world of email newsletters or a seasoned pro, LT in the City Weekly is definitely one to add to your list. I guarantee you'll never regret opening it every week.
— Lily Herman

As a newsletter aficionado, I get tons of them in my inbox on a daily basis. But #LTinthecityWeekly is a breath of fresh air that comes in the middle of the week as a reminder that I can keep going. Additionally, I'm always inspired by the articles and words of encouragement that are shared, as well as the list of job opportunities that I usually don't see anywhere else. L'Oreal does a great job curating relevant content, and providing her unique, light-hearted and transparent perspective. Keep up the great work!
— Chasity Cooper

#LTintheCityWeekly is one of my favorite newsletters - it’s always simple, direct and to the point with great info. L’Oreal mix of communications and compassion is refreshing.
— Melissa Kimble, founder of #blkcreatives

I made it a point to add in my "contacts" list so I never miss an edition of #LTintheCityWeekly. As soon as I get to my desk on Wednesday mornings I brew a cup of tea and settle in my chair to read L'Oreal's weekly musings. It's a routine that gets me thru the middle of the week. I appreciate L'Oreal's candor and perspective on all things life, work, and wellness. This is one newsletter that I make a point to read each week!
— Anuli Akanegbu