"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." ~ Maya Angelou

I love stories. I love reading them. I love writing them. And I love telling them. Simply put, storytelling is my passion.

As a writer, editor and public speaker, I specialize in inspiring and motivating women to pursue and accomplish their personal and professional goals through authenticity, vulnerability and transparency (mixed with a little bit of humor and a lot of pop culture). 

Invite me to speak, host a panel or lead a workshop for your organization or event. Sample topics include:

  • Trust Your Dopeness: How I learned to trust my talent and overcome impostor syndrome (and you can, too)
  • Pursuing Your Passion with a Purpose: Strategic steps to making your personal and professional goals a reality
  • Balancing Your Side-Hustle with Your Full-Time Job: Tips and tricks to start and sustain a side-hustle or passion project while working a full-time job

What Others Are Saying...

"L’Oreal has been an integral community member in SheSays Chicago, an organization dedicated to the mentorship of women in the creative industries. She has shared her voice as a popular panelist and mentor on varying topics from career change and reinventing yourself to the shift in marketing roles in today’s workforce. Her honest insights as a woman of color have helped guide and establish our chapter’s approach to inclusivity, with a deep consideration of the diverse group of women and men who attend our events and join our social conversations. She is a well-rounded creative woman, powerful in her spoken words and writing, truly dedicated to her purpose and community. I am proud to call her a friend, mentor and colleague!" ~ Jen Lemerand, Director of SheSays Chicago

"L'Oreal's workshop on 'Balancing Your #SideHustle' at 1871 was a breath of fresh air in the startup space. She energized the participants and challenged them to push past the norms of freelance work. Even with the most efficient productivity tools that she uses to power her own schedule, L'Oreal's creativity and passion shined through. She is a role model, inspiring me and holding me accountable to achieve my freelance goals. Thank you, L'Oreal, for empowering me to create my own balance and share my voice!" ~ Mary Kesinger, Chicago author and fitness trainer

"L'Oreal hosted an amazing workshop at 1871 on 'Balancing Your Side-Hustle Workshop with Your Full-Time Job.' She's a great speaker, informative and interactive and fun! We can't wait to have her back!" ~ Veronica Rodriguez, Manager of Programming for 1871

Past Speaking Engagements